Why Wall Mount My TV?

I have mounted over 7,000 TV’s personally. It is not uncommon to come across a couple where one wants the TV mounted on the wall and the other is content with the stand it came with. So, why do you really want to mount that TV and lose that hideous stand? There are several reasons why wall mounting a TV is far better than leaving the TV company to the task of creating a TV stand that you will have to figure out how to fit in to your decor. Chrome just doesn’t go with everything!

  • Safety

    Lets face it, we have all seen those YouTube videos with the dogs running through the house and bump the table and the TV falls, or the kids are playing and bump the TV and it falls on them. Not very many people actually use the screw, washer, and cable that comes with the TV to secure it to the wall, or even know what it is for! When your TV is wall mounted, it provides a degree of safety that you just don’t get with the 65″ TV on a stand as it sways with every step you take in your home. Sure, wall mounting your TV wont stop the Wii remote from going through it, but they do make an outdoor cabinet that would work great for that.

  • Aesthetically Pleasing

    Have you ever tried to buy a home that still had all its furniture when you looked at it? I bet the TV was wall mounted! This is because when you wall mount your TV, you add to the room’s decor as a whole. Your TV becomes a part of the room, (kind of like when you add a bar, or in-ground pool). When mounted professionally, the rooms natural center and central focal points are taken into consideration while consulting on a good location for the TV.

  • Saves Space

    Ok, so it is dark, your walking through your house and kick the TV stand with your foot. OMG that is the worst. Are you ready to get rid of that old, mostly falling apart TV stand? For less than the price of a new and reasonable TV stand, you can have the TV mounted and be rid of that old TV stand for good. Now you have added 10 to 20 square feet of floor space to your room and you didn’t even have to knock down a wall!

  • Reduces Glare From Light Sources

    This is why they dim the lights at the theater, (yes you can still see the movie with the lights up… that is when they show the ads). A tilt mount, or fixed mount at a calculated height can fix the glare issue. Once you have wall mounted your TV, if your Tilt mount, or full motion mount, has a reasonable amount of tilt range, you will be able to remove most if not all of the glare from the lights in your home, or even that pesky sun shining into your windows like it owns the place.

  • Inexpensive

    Wall mounting a TV can be super cheap to ridiculous monopoly money! Avoid Best Buys WAY over priced Geek Squad and you should fare well. You can get your TV mounted for as low as $30-$50 if you catch craigslist at the right time, or you can get a full package for around $150 including the mount and wire concealment. Just be sure you think of how long your cables need to be. Cables are what people forget to think about the most!

  • Easy To Do

    If you are a do it your self-er, you need a drill, 5/16″ drill bit, stud finder, pencil, level, screw driver, tape measure, and a ratchet should cover it. You will need a sheet rock saw to hide the wires. Go to YouTube and search, how to mount a TV on the wall. You will be surprised at how easy it is!

  • Truly Changes Your Viewing Experience

    When you sit down and watch your wall mounted TV, you will find that the room feels bigger and looks cleaner, while the TV looks as if it were part of the house. The angle of the TV from your viewing position, when properly wall mounted, will look better, sharper, and more vivid. (I did say “look”)

All and all, when you wall mount your TV, you positively add to the rooms appeal and value, while at the same time increasing quality time with the family and generating more space to enjoy that quality time in. Here at McGoo’s Home Service consultations are Free! If you ever have any questions, don’t hesitate to call!

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