Some common questions we are asked.

Will a TV mounted on my wall or fireplace damage it?

Absolutely! If it is improperly installed, both the TV and structure can be damaged and cause possible injury to any persons nearby. We install everything to code. We make sure that the mount is suited for the TV and that the weight of the TV will not interfere with with functionality of the mount or the integrity of the complete installation.

TV's can be damaged if they are mounted above the fireplace while the fireplace is being used right?

Yes. TV's over fireplaces can be damaged if the correct precautions aren't taken into consideration. The size of the mantle should determine minimal height for mounting a TV over the fireplace. We abide by this rule and it has served us well. We have never had a report of heat damage due to a fireplace. (or anything for that matter.)

How do  you run the wires through the wall?

We cut holes in the wall. We use a finishing ring to protect the hole, and use custom plates to cover the hole and give you that clean wireless look.